Month: July 2024

Nuclear energy is far larger than gravitational energy in many cases

Is it possible that galaxies, as the nuclear energy of ignited stars spreads matter, energy, ions, neutrinos, magnetic fields – outward, often in spirals from the central rotations, could maintain large scale rotational structures? A tiny bit of structured magnetic energy from periodic processes can greatly exceed gravitational energies, fueled by extracted nuclear energies in
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Pauli Principle and magnetic bonding – 60 years of Schrodinger, fusion, atomic, nuclear and global things

What causes the Pauli Exclusion Principle? at Particles of any size with permanent magnetic moments can bind magnetically. The magnetic potential is proportional to the product of the magnetic moments (in Joules/Tesla) divided by the inverse cube of their separation. But simply, it is two magnets binding. Two electrons can bind magnetically where it
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Units and Dimensions must be enforced, or the world, including whole countries, will likely fall apart

Units and Dimensions by Rajaram Nityananda at If you are going to teach units, you should prepare them for a lifetime. Do not teach them how to use units as they are used now. Teach then how to look for and document units. And to prefer sources and groups who use units well. A
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It is likely “magnetic fields all the way down” – KiloTesla, MegaTesla, GigaTesla and beyond

Launch Pad Astronomy: Neutron Stars, Pulsars and Magnetars at For the Internet Foundation, I had to add KiloTesla and MegaTesla to “commonly used units”. Yours is an early example of GigaTeslas, so there will be more. Gravitational energy density, magnetic energy density and many other kinds of energy density can all be interconverted now.
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Atom and electron interferometers are cheap, so gravity nodes are a thousand times smaller and cheaper

Beyond the Observable Universe at Infinite, pre-existing universe with a “local” big bang sized nova. Probably a gluon condensation nova when enough dense material accumulates to exceed the pressure needed to force gluons into compact lattices and structures. We will see more kinds of systems that are small, dark and powerful. If LIGO would
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At there is a text list of committees and caucuses. But no links, or explanations. I am sure “caucuses” show up all over and every place they are not “intelligent” with background and links immediately – it misses an opportunity to help citizens and people of the world understand who and what. I
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Are State Representatives allowed to have opinions and share them on contemporary USA and global topics?

Jolanda Jones, I was curious what a State Representative does. At 75, I finally have a little time to look. I tried writing to you on Facebook, but I think no one reads them. Acknowledging is a start. I found your House Bill “Relating to the inclusion of affordable housing as a qualifying project for
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Adiabatic Flame Temperature – preheat and measure 3d temperature, model and optimize

Adiabatic Flame Temperature at I would pre-heat the oxygen and fuel molecules electromagnetically. Then record the 3D volumetric temperature distribution, tracking flow of reactants. To start. And find the temperature dependent heat capacities data or models. To start. Calibrate and optimized the linked models. Track spectroscopic IR, VIS, thermal, UV, whatever is available. Share
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