Month: May 2024

Global open digital twin models of all global and systemic issues, global opportunities

Crémieux @cremieuxrecueil If existing desalination plants were set up to extract salt from the brine to sell it, they would cause a free fall in global salt prices. Replying to @cremieuxrecueil The cost of a basic commodity goes lower. And reduced dependence on mined lithium. It would not happen overnight. You have to run the
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All Knowledge, All Languages, global creativity without homogenization

Smart Biology @SmartBiology3D  In most biology classrooms each student can have their own interpretation for how things work especially with systems and processes. Our animated lessons bring those to life exactly the way they happen so everyone is on the same page with understanding. So when you make mistakes, and give inefficient approaches
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Human, machines, pets, even plants and quantum liquids might well be intelligent entities and species

Galactic Scifi: Earth’s Daughter Shocked the Galactic Campus in Ways No One Could Have Predicted! at Perhaps you might write stories about humans, in their infinite varieties, working together in a larger Universe. There are big and small humans. Humans of many sizes, colors of hair, eyes and shapes. Voices or no voice, blind
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