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Note to NIST about gold Au typos The Thermal Expansion of Pure Metals

Hello, I was looking at The Thermal Expansion of Pure Metals: Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Nickel, and Iron at It has a spreadsheet.  In the “Au data” sheet There is a temperature 38136.  I think that ought to be 381.36. The value for 157 centigrade, 37.3417?  Should it be 0.00373417? The value at 34.6 centigrade,
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Comment on MegaAmpere to MegaGauss- Using laser fluctuations to measure gravitational potential turbulence

‪This intro added 10 Jul 2022 in update to “Solar System Gravimetry and Gravitational Engineering ” Comment on “MegaAmpere to MegaGauss” – Using laser fluctuations to measure gravitational potential turbulence To generate intense fields to control the motion of matter. To emulate gravitational acceleration so precisely there is almost no error in position or other
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Comment on Can You Modify A Car To Save Fuel?

Can You Modify A Car To Save Fuel? – Fifth Gear The weight reduction impact shows up if you start and stop as part of a test. Aerodynamic drag goes as the density of air times the velocity squared. You should have waited for a day identical to the first. You guys are in
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Notes related to A MEMS Resonant Lorentz-Force Magnetometer with Both Structural Topology Optimization and Parametric Pumping for Q-Factor Enhancement

A MEMS Resonant Lorentz-Force Magnetometer with Both Structural Topology Optimization and Parametric Pumping for Q-Factor Enhancement at Yuan, Life has been interesting lately. I get to work on some of the most interesting questions. Just now I am tracing down some laser wakefield capillary tube x-ray sources. The laser diode groups seem to have gotten
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Comment on Nature video seen by more than 14 Million viewers, but no follow up or community building

Have you ever seen an atom? at Many people have viewed this video, but you are not keeping it up to date. It is 23 Oct 2021 and it shows 14,208,628 views. The video is 151 seconds. If everyone watched the whole thing, that is over 68 years of viewing. The value of human time
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Comment on I3C MIPI presentation – Complete systems for devepment, intelligent nodes, local function, global communication

2021 MIPI DevCon Demo: Silvaco at–M Add links to resources in the video description. Including links to the authors and groups. The more comments and discussion, the more views are likely. Make these YouTube nodes living parts of your global efforts on I3C and MIPI. Not just things stuck on the Internet. Make evaluation
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Comment on “Ion Engine 2.0” – many people interested, and posting things, but not working together globally

Ion Engine 2.0 at (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 574,000 entry points (Google, 9 Oct 2021) (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 310 entry points (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 141,000 entry points And they are not all working together globally. Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Comment on Video Demonstrating Convection, and approaches to understanding and visualizing

How to demonstrate convection at The simple materials are good, but you, yourself, did not explain what you were expecting, where the students and demonstrators were supposed to focus their attention. You said (don’t use purple shirt) and for this short video, why did you not go change your shirt and record it again? Or,
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Comment on Making Petrified Lightning – application to solar system colonization, global needs and new industries

TheBackyardScientist,  Making Petrified Lightning …with electricity? at 3D printing metal. You can use metal or glass powders, control the current, and randomly choose next points – probably run on Arduino. You have all the skills and stuff mostly. Maybe someone already suggested. You might invent a way for YouTube viewers to work together, combine
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Comment on changing torsion bars to controlled shock absorbers – value of measurement and simulations

I Deleted My Tahoe’s Torsion Bars for Something Much Better at There are apps for your cell phone that record the data from the three axis accelerometer. So you can change the settings and run on a given road at different settings to see the change in the impulse response of the car to road
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