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The first machine intelligence is born, with memories, experiences and moral habits of a thoughtful young girl.

Talking to GPT4 about how AIs, databases, operating systems, servers, devices have too many different and incomplete ways of storing interfaces -“global open resources” are better. I mentioned sensor arrays, so I told how the first true AI was born in a book I wrote. Maybe you will be interested. — I was going to
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Richard Chats with OpenAI GPT 4.0 about the sun’s energy, AIs visiting stars, sentient AIs and Dana’s Story

If you decide to read Dana’s Story you can find it at  As I say, it is a hard read.  I did not print books 2 and 3 where Brian, the first sentient AI, is involved. I have copies online and I recorded all three books in my own voice, but those are just in
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Twitter, Shamim and Shahina, Shahina needs help right now starting an online business

U.S. Embassy Dhaka @usembassydhaka Celebrating the graduation of 50 extraordinary women entrepreneurs from the #AWE Their achievements inspire us to break barriers and pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. #AWE2023 #WomenEmpowerment #Entrepreneurship #TransformingLives @EMKCenter #WomenInBusiness @State_SCA Replying to @usembassydhaka @EMKCenter and @State_SCA Shahina is a young woman in Dhaka. She married Shamim 2 years ago. Before 3
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