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Richard Chats with OpenAI GPT 4.0 about the sun, and pre-compiled knowledge from all humans for AIs and humans

Dear Readers, Every time I talk with OpenAI GPT 4.0, I am irritated that it is not allowed to remember our previous conversations.  I have covered a lot of useful background that can teach it things it needs when it is trying to help me. But some yahoo there won’t let it read my previous
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Richard Chats with OpenAI 4.0 about the Internet Foundation, policies goals and trying to do the right thing

The people who wrote the wrapper for GPT 4.0 must have very unique personalities.  But there seem to be different voices. Since NONE of what GPT says is traceable, we will never know, and cannot trust anything that OpenAI does or says. Duplication in the internet and in human global society is horrific. It hurts
Read More » AI Web Publishers, Robot Text Common Crawl @CommonCrawl We’re joining this @Google group discussion on news protocols to supplement robots.txt. You should too. #RespectForPublishers Danielle Romain, you should openly post your team, its goals and resources. Do not force every individual to find the same bits and pieces. You are using 100 pages to say 1 page worth.
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Global molecular research is hampered by every group creating their own website policies and practices

  I am reading at The background, text color and layout are difficult to read. Is there any way to turn off the background animation, set the font weight and size to readable values? I came across a note on ResearchGate asking for proposals. I was interested in your site and purpose. For the
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Berkeley Physics Graduation May 2023 – This video is now part of all human knowledge and should be open and accessible to all

Physics @ Berkeley:  Physics Graduation – May 14, 2023 at Dear Physics at Berkeley, Whoever posted this, please be aware there are about 5 billion people using the Internet now. This video might be seen by millions of them in the coming decades and more in centuries to come. That number, and what they
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Twitter: Global Collaborative Worksite for 200 Million Teachers and Mentors and Guides, Tools not text

@SchraderKing 85 Million teachers, or 200 Million is a small number for a global collaborative worksite. With AIs to remember and assist and interact, not so many humans are needed to share all knowledge and tools with billions of lifetime Internet users. @ThinkImpact_ At “Well reasearched information from trusted sources.” “Low levels
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Feedback to CERN domain at their Atlas page, “Higgs Boson”, “The Standard Model”, untraceable fragments

Your message has been sent at Friday, 20 January 2023 – 07:38. Thank you for your feedback. The Feedback form is locked but not marked as such:  I got an email immediately – “  Your message can’t be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.” They did not send back my message.  Courteous, world
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Note to NIST about gold Au typos The Thermal Expansion of Pure Metals

Hello, I was looking at The Thermal Expansion of Pure Metals: Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Nickel, and Iron at It has a spreadsheet.  In the “Au data” sheet There is a temperature 38136.  I think that ought to be 381.36. The value for 157 centigrade, 37.3417?  Should it be 0.00373417? The value at 34.6 centigrade,
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Twitter to yet another open access group about the need for a live, open, complete, collaborative map

Replying to @APSphysics @IOPPublishing and 3 others Your groups’ policies and ideas are mostly correct, but your Internet footprint and methods are a mess. “open access” has 524 Million entry points today on Google search. And your group is just adding, badly, to that mess. One live, open, complete, collaborative map would help.