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Solar structure and evolution, some notes on a global model of the sun, open and universally accessible on the Internet

Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard, You have described some of the pieces relevant for study of solar structure and evolution in words, pictures and pictures of equations.  The equations in the PDF are not in portable symbolic mathematical form.  The data from all the steps in the calibration of the model and its variations is not readily available. 
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New Video: Energy Office of Science, PNNL Article, Climate Model, Sharing

Energy Office of Science, PNNL Article, Climate Model, Sharing I received a note from ( Office of Science with some nice articles and references. But it was hard to use. One article leads to Pacific Northwest National Lab ( and it was hard to read and use. So I recorded my experience and comments,
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New Paradigm for the Internet – Hoverboxes, HoverCards, Layouts, Workstations

When I recommended HoverBoxes to GitHub and others, I intended that they also be moveable, resizable, and hoverable and clickable themselves. And that they could be dragged to Boxes/Panels/Cards to be iconized (an icon substituted and placed on the panel, which hovers opened the HoverCard/HoverBox.) And that the HoverBoxes/HoverCard layouts for a screen or work
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