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Magnetic binding – atomic structures, isotope reaction energies, atomic fuels and hyper strong materials

FermiLab: How do magnets work? at When two electrons or two protons are compressed together, the 1/r^3 magnetic energy (positive when magnetic dipoles attract) and the 1/r Coulomb energy (negative when the electric charges repel) can reach a minimum when they are at nuclear distances. Two electrons (Cooper pairs) or two protons (occurs inside
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Texas Instruments employees have many interests, skills, backgrounds, a large website and a large footprint

Texas Instruments: Powering inclusion through employee resource groups at I would like to read and see more about how employees at TI (1) work together inside TI, (2) share together inside TI, (3) work and collaborate in a world of 8 billion humans, with 5 billion on the Internet. The name shifted a bit.
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Non-exclusive print licenses. Lossless formats. “Once a member, always a member”

Ricardo Henriques @HenriquesLab Happy to launch the new website for our lab: Come check it out. Still tuning details, but really happy to showcase our team, research we’re doing, our collaborators and some of our takes on science. Designed from scratch for both humans and 🤖robots Replying to @HenriquesLab Recent publications: “Technologies:” links
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