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Sample Internet Foundation Tasks and Projects

Sample Instructions: “server boxes” project Research “old computers with barebones boot and run my own server” Buy old or new mid tower that can hold 6 disks, fast SATA, NVME SSD for memory mapping to handle big transfers at maximum speed.  And enough processors to run batch jobs like compile chromium process google ngrams gather
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New Video: Counting as Organization, with Objects in Javascript for Wikipedia and the Internet

I am pretty exhausted, I have to ask others for help, rather than figuring it out myself. Counting as Organization, with Objects in Javascript for Wikipedia and the Internet – In the video I show some small steps as part of a broad program of changes over the whole Internet, but no way to
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New Paradigm for the Internet – Hoverboxes, HoverCards, Layouts, Workstations

When I recommended HoverBoxes to GitHub and others, I intended that they also be moveable, resizable, and hoverable and clickable themselves. And that they could be dragged to Boxes/Panels/Cards to be iconized (an icon substituted and placed on the panel, which hovers opened the HoverCard/HoverBox.) And that the HoverBoxes/HoverCard layouts for a screen or work
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New Video about the Internet YouTube Google Franck-Hertz Experiments

Yesterday: HoverBoxes Finally, Skins for Websites, Saving Layouts, Extracting from PDF, Global Groups Bubbling – Today: Using the Internet to find and encourage global communities engineering science AMOE – AMOE (Atomic Molecular Optical Electronic Magnetic Acoustic Mechanical … ) – Franck-Hertz

Google put their ad between my video and its title.

Please do not put your advertisements between my video and the title of my video. If you have to advertise your work, put it at the top of the screen. and give people the option to remove it. You are effectively using my work to advertise your page. You own the site and I have
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