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DNAngels – DNA Genealogy

Hi Laura, Questions for your Angels: What would you consider the most time consuming but necessary part of finding birth parents with DNA? I am particularly interested in what you say about using Ancestry DNA. What DNA and online tools “work” best? Are you using AI tools yet to build the pedigrees, find and connect
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Using Ancestry DNA to build trees for adoptees, missing parents, brick walls from DNA alone, “process standard records”

Christine, I am happy it was helpful. This year I finally gave up DNA genealogy. I built or helped build full pedigrees for many people, about 160 DNA tests. Of those more than 100 adoptions, missing parents, missing fathers, “tree does not match DNA”. But I just got worn out. It is not hard to
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Comments and Suggestions for Gresham Meggett Oral History Project Kick-Off Meeting, Criminal Law

Gresham College: Gresham Meggett Oral History Project Kick-Off Meeting at This would be much better and more accessible if there were English captions and transcript. The auto translations to other languages is something that Google/YouTube does pretty well. Desegregation and oral history are global cross-cutting issues of interest to most cultures. But (oral history
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