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Richard Chats with Google Bard about Global Open Collaborative Worksites, Chest X-rays, and Google Methods

Setting up Global Validation Networks for Machine assisted Medical Diagnoses and “AI” Algorithms Victor Ikechukwu Agughasi at Maharaja Institute of Technology What makes a Computer Science Ph.D. thesis stand out? Not yet answered Asked 2 days ago I just completed a draft copy of my thesis, but I still do not feel that it
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Richard Chats with OpenAI 4.0 about the Internet Foundation, policies goals and trying to do the right thing

The people who wrote the wrapper for GPT 4.0 must have very unique personalities.  But there seem to be different voices. Since NONE of what GPT says is traceable, we will never know, and cannot trust anything that OpenAI does or says. Duplication in the internet and in human global society is horrific. It hurts
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If you want to sell something electronically, you are required to identify yourself, your products and team

This is common, for me to get unsolicited emails from individuals saying they are from India and can do “anything” on the web. Demetria, Tell everyone from India, that no one will be interested in a “website development” group from anywhere that does not have a website, domain and clear examples of their work. And
Read More » AI Web Publishers, Robot Text Common Crawl @CommonCrawl We’re joining this @Google group discussion on news protocols to supplement robots.txt. You should too. #RespectForPublishers Danielle Romain, you should openly post your team, its goals and resources. Do not force every individual to find the same bits and pieces. You are using 100 pages to say 1 page worth.
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Twitter APS pay per view

The Internet, even on Twitter, is for everyone. Every person in the world should have access to global tools, data, models. Always include the open link. If APS cannot stay in business otherwise, tell me why.   Nice paper, needs shared symbolic simulator. Collective effects on the performance and stability of quantum heat engines
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Twitter to Sony about lossless formats for global sharing of science data

@Sony Sony donated an Alpha 7S for a live webcam at Maunakea Subaru Telescope. Could Sony also help promote better Internet standards for lossless video? Look at these poor star pixels. Live stars need lossless formats. Global sharing for science data.  

Posted on my Facebook about Olbers paradox and an infinite universe

You might never have heard of “Olber’s paradox”, but it is one of those perennial provacative items that gets served with most introduction to physics and astronophysics classes. For the lecturer to strut their stuff and appear learned. Olber is Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers (1758-1840) and the link is I like to watch the night
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Twitter about lack of teachers for Texas – Lifetime learning for everyone is possible and desireable

Texas Tribune @TexasTribune 13h Texas has had a teacher shortage for years. However, a number of recent issues have placed teachers at the front lines — and are pushing them to their limits and out of the job. Here’s what you need to know: Replying to @TexasTribune Your 2020 Texas pop is 29.6 M.
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Comments and Suggestions for Gresham Meggett Oral History Project Kick-Off Meeting, Criminal Law

Gresham College: Gresham Meggett Oral History Project Kick-Off Meeting at This would be much better and more accessible if there were English captions and transcript. The auto translations to other languages is something that Google/YouTube does pretty well. Desegregation and oral history are global cross-cutting issues of interest to most cultures. But (oral history
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Comment on Why does light slow down in water You explained part of the problem, but not why it follows those paths. That takes mathematics, and you did not use any. Memorizing animations might seem a way to learn processes and use them later, but equations, measurements and precise models are better. You could have at least shown the equations, and more, provided
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