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Electromagnetic, ionic, and gravitational effects of earthquakes and earth tides

Anton Petrov: Unexplained Earthquake Light Phenomenon Finally Captured on Camera at Anton, This argues for keeping permanent all-sky (fish eye and other name) cameras to monitor the sky above regions where there are earthquakes, like where the earth is pulling apart. Beside piezoelectric, there are also piezomagnetic materials which will change the electromagnetic fields. The
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Many Quantum devices are likely potential gravitational sensors too

Snowmass Media: 23. Quantum Computing Simulation for Collective Neutrino Oscillations – Valentina Amitrano at Valentina Amitrano, Thank you, I was trying to understand neutrino oscillations. Your different perspective helped a lot. I got an update on qubits for free. I do not know if anyone reads these comments. There ought to be a better way.
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