Month: November 2021

Mars and moon and space need atomic power – shipping to Mars example

SpaceX Starship can return from Mars without surface refilling at The engineering design and manufacturing costs for atomic power are a lot less than the cost of hauling chemical or solar panels to Mars. Do the numbers and see what it is worth to spend on lightweight atomic power units and technologies. A few ten
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Comment on Earthquake Seismograph Using Bismuth Magnetic Levitator – about state of the art in low cost gravitational detector arrays

Earthquake seismograph using bismuth magnetic levitator as sensor at Tomislav Stimac, The “standard” still for accelerometers is the small but global network of super conducting gravimeters (SGs). They use liquid helium cooled niobium magnetically levitated spheres as the test mass. The sensitivity is about 0.1 nanometers per second squared (nm/s2) at 1 sample per second.
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