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A short dream about fabrics, knots, threads, purposes, lives and connections

Sandy Smith, I was dreaming about you. You were in India meeting with thousands of women of all ages. And you were all sewing. More properly, you were all “demonstrating and preserving” “the ancient and eternal arts of fabric and string and thread”. So there was much embroidery, crochet, lace, geometric, permanent, and elaborate constructions
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Twitter: Beginners Guide to the sun, Internet Access

Dr. Ryan French @RyanJFrench If you’re interested in a deeper dive into solar flares (more than a twitter thread could provide), my new book is out now in the UK & Europe, and available to preorder everywhere else ☀️ Replying to @RyanJFrench In the US, the book will not be available to order until
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Anton Petrov Videos: Atomic and nuclear fuels for Heliospheric exploration, industries and human benefit

Anton Petrov: Incredible Advances In Nuclear Stirling Engines For Space Exploration at Little bits of power for communications and sensors is a start, but the real improvements will be when nuclear and atomic power sources (using “nuclear fuels”, “atomic fuels) are applied to high power things like transportation, mining, processing. And by processing, I mean
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Twitter about World History Encyclopedia @whencyclopedia Our mission is “to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide” ==> “History” for everyone with access to the Internet. (~4.9 B)   “solar system colonization” now gives new meanings to “world”, global, “world-wide”,” everywhere”.

Posted to Facebook for Dot Watts about ResearchGate project on Ancient Human Tribes spanning the globe.

I don’t know if you will be able to see things on ResearchGate without joining. But I started a project about “ancient tribes”. I ask if Neaderthals Denisovians and other early species of humans could have been able to travel to the Americas many tens of thousands of years before “modern human Native Americans” got
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