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Comment on Sally Pias – Molecular Modeling, Cholesterol, Oxygen Diffusion, (diabetes)

Dr Sally Pias | Molecular Modeling Changes How We Interpret EPR O2 Measurements | O2M Webinar Series Sally, thanks for the link to your paper. I found you on ResearchGate, but it only has the abstract (unless I missed something). I like your visualizations and discussion. I see your paper on proteins and membranes,
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Content Sources, Local viewers and editors, Boxes and Layouts, Internet and Human Purpose

Nate, Thanks for treating this seriously. Rather than “redesign our website” which often entails long discussions and personal likes and dislikes. Focus on “text”, “images”, “videos”, “tables”, “sharing with attachments and messages”, “schedules” and other content specific editors, viewers, tools and layouts. But put them into rectangular boxes you can move, resize, minimize, normal size,
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