Category: Solar Observing

Comment on Solar Contamination Removal from radio interferometric data

AlgoSCR: An algorithm for Solar Contamination Removal from radio interferometric data at I think you would be better off sharing the solar data from all these experiments, use it to improve and complement other solar observations. Improve and learn the solar variations better, then elegantly and precisely separate the sources. You would be better spending
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Comment on Video Removing Heavy Wind Shake from FPV footage

Removing heavy wind shake from FPV footage at I have been collecting live video streams on the Internet for some time. I call the collection “shake wind”. Mainly beaches, bridges, mountains and places where the wind is fierce and the camera will often shake, sometimes violently. But the equation of motion of the camera is
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Comment of Gravitational Fields and Gravitational Waves – history of vector tidal signal calibration and imaging arrays

Hello, I had reason to write out some of what I found measuring the speed with which the gravitational potential comes to equilibrium. It is rather long, but perhaps might be useful. I am trying to encourage the development of arrays of three axis, high sampling rate gravimeters to use for imaging sites of interest
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