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Richard chats with Bard about the UN Regional Commissions

Richard: Are you able to browse the web, read pages and summarize them? Bard: Yes, I can browse the web, read pages, and summarize them. I can access and process information from the real world through Google Search and keep my response consistent with search results. I can also generate different creative text formats of
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Comment on Video about oracle bones

“oracle bone” OR “oracle bones” has 335,000 entry points (Google, 13 Aug 2022) “divination” has 18.6 Million entry points “prognostication” has 4.54 Million entry points “fortune teller” OR “fortune telling” has 17.4 Million entry points “prediction” OR “predicting” OR “predictions” has 832 Million entry points “forecast” OR “forecasts” OR “forecasting” OR “forecaster” OR “forecasters” has
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Facebook has no “share” or “tweet”

Lisa Sykes Wallace There seems to be no way to Tweet (share posts with link and short note) on Facebook that I can see. But I found Pichurro’s Mexican Grill on Facebook at Maybe you can post your picture on their Facebook page and write a short story to share with others who go
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