Posted to Facebook for Dot Watts about ResearchGate project on Ancient Human Tribes spanning the globe.

I don’t know if you will be able to see things on ResearchGate without joining. But I started a project about “ancient tribes”. I ask if Neaderthals Denisovians and other early species of humans could have been able to travel to the Americas many tens of thousands of years before “modern human Native Americans” got there. There were Neaderthals in France about 176,500 years ago with organization, tools and abilities to survive the cold. I think by following herds in some cases. 

I see hundreds of thousands of years where migrating early human tribes could have spanned the globe. Both by land, and by water. The groups adapted to cold and that kind of life might not leave much trace. If there are early occupations in the Americas (130,000 years+) those would not be “modern humans”, but probably much more robust tribes and groups.

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