Bone and rope age technologies

Stefan Milo: Stone age people made hundreds of these…why? at Q8X9l42ZgsU

A three hole rope maker, and a one hole device – that has a lot of stress applied. That rope might be really really hard to tie knots in, but if you put the end of that rope through the hole (the same size as the rope) and then stick the other end of the “baton” through a loop, or in the ground, or stick a sharp end in meat, it might make rope use more convenient. A tent peg if sharp; a convenient “tie” for a bundle. I do not know if they dragged things, but ropes imply transmitted force, dragging, hanging, binding, keeping up a tent or wall. A rope around a hut made of sticks or reeds. Stick on the one hole thingy, twist and shove. Great technology, very practical.

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Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

The bend makes the one hole thingy easier to stick under. The sharp one meat and tent pegs?

I see lots of practical people found uses for them. Shaft straightener did not come to me because I was only thinking of your rope making video segment. And someone else said “multiple uses” if the tool is there, use it.

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