Cocoa butter chocolate melts in your hand

I am not sure how long it sat outside my door after delivery. I do not think it went over 90 F today but the package did sit in the sun. It was completely liquid, like water. I put it in the freezer and it solidified. Then I broke off a piece and tried it. Quite good, tasty. But moments holding it, and it melted in my fingers. I wonder what it is really made of to melt just touching it, and liquid at less than 100 F. Just warning you to be prepared for a mess, one way or the other. I guess you could drink it, or keep it in the fridge and immediately put it in your mouth. Maybe the people who made it have a sense of humor. I will keep it in the fridge and enjoy it, if I can break off pieces without too much mess. How curious are the ways of chocolate makers and sellers.

To be complete, I tasted it again and it is way too sweet for my taste. It seems to be made of sugar, cocoa butter, and unsweetened chocolate. Cocoa butter butter melts between 93 and 100 F.

I should have read the details before buying it. But just because I made a mistake does not mean I have to eat it. So I threw it away. You might love it. You might adore it. But I could not stand the second taste so I gave it up as a bad experience. I did not lower the rating. I have no clue to other people’s taste. I can only tell my story of the melted cocoa butter chocolate, my meager analysis, and my decision. Best wishes.

Richard K Collins

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