The Action Lab controlling magnets with magnets at a distance. “magnetic locking”

The Action Lab: Magnetic Locking WITHOUT a Superconductor! at

Fantastic. Now do some measurements, write some equations and write some software so people can plug in what they have and get estimates of what regions will be stable. Or give specifics of separation distance, mass and force, to calculate what speed to use and what strength magnets to use.

This make magnetic levitation and materials handling cost effective. If you had to try this with electromagnets, too expensive, too much heat and power needed Permanent magnet arrays can work. If you mark the magnet and use STM32 or ESP32 or Ardunio and position sensor,s you can use microactuators to change the position of the mass. Basically the computer is fast enough to balance the magnet masses because they move slowly relative. Just as a human can balance a mass on a stick by moving fast and precise, or a robot can walk and balance, or SpaceX rockets land on their tails.

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