Global molecular research is hampered by every group creating their own website policies and practices


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I came across a note on ResearchGate asking for proposals. I was interested in your site and purpose. For the last 25 years I have been studying best practices, issues and best policies related to global collaborations on all global issues. Rather than trying to find applications for one molecule, I think you ought to tackle the way information is shared on the Internet. Just this one was seen almost 25,000 times and was too vague and poorly documented for precise and rapid suggestions. That many groups and individuals could well form an open collaborative group and probably tackle and solve the whole problem, rather than just one more too specific piece of a very large problem.

What I found is that most of the global issues like “covid”, “global climate change”, “clean atomic fuels”, “nuclear fusion”, “solar system colonization”, “GPT AI methods” and thousands of similar scale problem and opportunities — they all are rather simple, but have many pieces. When every groups says “not my problem”. Or “I want to only work on my part of the problem, don’t make me share or teach or collaborate” — things requiring cooperation of tens of thousands or tens of millions, never get done. “It is not hard (complex), rather tedious (lots of little pieces)” is the most common situation.

I filed this under “Global molecular research is hampered by every group creating their own website policies and practices”

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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