Feedback to CERN domain at their Atlas page, “Higgs Boson”, “The Standard Model”, untraceable fragments

Your message has been sent at Friday, 20 January 2023 – 07:38. Thank you for your feedback.

The Feedback form is locked but not marked as such:  I got an email immediately – “  Your message can’t be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.” They did not send back my message.  Courteous, world class, sites always acknowledge and send the form content with complete context information.   What if I did not save every time before I send things?  I might well take time to write something important, and in this case an unsupervised CERN process would erase that, because the form process designer was not thinking of the whole organisation.  “Everyone doing their own thing”.  Suppose I was a multi-billionaire or funding agency quietly testing?

Dear CERN domains Internet groups,

Please add a real title to” It only says “About”.

For bookmarking. sharing, for efficiency, for courtesy and navigation – clearly identify every page in the CERN domain with a clear and consistent title. I would recommend using a different overall paradigm, but I would be happy if you could at least cover the basics first.

Also, the CERN domain overall has a weak framework. Navigation clues are spotty and inconsistent. Each group does their own thing, without regard to the whole. There is massive duplication on cross cutting topics – with no clear conventions and no consistent rules.

Also, your cookie banner is illegal. If you insist on using one, it must offer – with equal weight – “Accept” and “Reject”. Courteous thoughtful sites also usually have an X in the upper right of the banner to close it. I personally would remove all such banners from the Internet and require sites to NOT show such if the users browser settings clearly says “no cookies”. There is much wrong with the CERN domains, and all domains.

This feedback form took a LONG time to come up. I would expect a premiere technology site to do better. Please check your logs for response times. And, as a potential global resource site, remove all ads and proprietary dependencies. Most pages do not have clear authorship, nor technical contact, nor history, nor context details. I am certain that is because every group is allowed to do their own thing, not thinking of the whole, not thinking of the Internet and its billions of users.

CERN is a closed site. It might show many pages on the Internet, but it is not well organized and carefully curated. A disorganized site with massive duplication, untraceable authors and responsible contacts is essentially inaccessible. That is why I count it as “closed”. I was simply checking two very simple terms “Higgs Boson” and “The Standard Model” on the CERN domain and in the Internet as a whole to see what might be done to identify and dis-intermediate the duplicates – NOT delete – rather identify, gather, simplify, identify owners, standardize, create a complete and consistent framework. It is not impossible, just a bit tedious, requiring small, careful and consistent effort by everyone

This “Feedback” “Contact us” form needs to have a subject, allow links, embedded images and content types, and attachments. It could be a way to begin making the site into a global collaboration resource worksite.

When I preview, then go back, please remember that I had to form open large enough to read and work with it. Also, there are times when I would click on the form to come back to edit, and it would resize down too small to read. It is a message box, not a text box.

I also recommend you have ONE message box, or just a few, not make them separately for every page in all CERN domains. The browsers ought to do that, and check if users have a preferred message box or interface requirement (blind, deaf, contract limited, cannot afford high bandwidth).

The browser development groups could easily help solve some of these things, but it might take a CERN to show them it it important. Much of the Interrnet, CERN domains includes, are too concerned with market share, funding and advertising revenue, they are not courteous to all. They and the CERN domains have not clearly understood their global responsibility to all Internet users. You have a fairly well defined and small set of domains, and are capable, if willing.

I highlighted this whole text, typed control-C to copy it, then pasted it into my log. When I pasted into my log, this form closed down to minimum size again, forgetting that I was in the middle of editing a message to you.

You do NOT have to go to a separate page for Preview. You can put the “preview” below this. You could add a basic set of editing tools, but best to let all users in the Internet has their own, with good interface definitions and rules for sharing.

For the Preview, you should not double or triple space the contact information, that requires extra scrolling and probably a mess for phone users.

The way this form works (or does not work) is a good indicator of your groups’ lack of attention to detail and courtesy. Global resource sites for unique topics should be expected to do better. Not just let “everyone do their own thing”. Flexibility and individual care is possible, even if all 8 billion+ humans use the Internet as an integral part of their lives.

Your peer review papers are really horribly structured, almost the worst way to “share” on the Internet. That is another topic for another time.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

@CERN I tried to give some simple feedback on your Atlas CERN page. An immediate email says “delivery to this address is restricted”. Nothing on the page indicates it is not a public page. Private feedback lets groups fix things quietly. cc @MattStrassler

@CERN I tried to give feedback on your “public web” Atlas CERN page. An immediate email says “delivery to this address is restricted”. Nothing on the page indicates it is not public. My feedback usually lets groups fix things quietly. cc @MattStrassler


To: <> Subject: Feedback on ATLAS public website  X-PHP-Originating-Script: 0:PhpMail.php

@CERN Sorry, I got interrupted by your bad feedback form. Where, inside the Atlas device, were Higgs Boson events detected? Are the details of each event labeled as “Higgs” tabulated somewhere? I want to know exactly where in Atlas things happened, what was there. Thank you.

Richard K Collins

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