Facebook has no “share” or “tweet”

Lisa Sykes Wallace

There seems to be no way to Tweet (share posts with link and short note) on Facebook that I can see. But I found Pichurro’s Mexican Grill on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Pichurros-Mexican-Grill-100116482254910

Maybe you can post your picture on their Facebook page and write a short story to share with others who go there or who are thinking about it. It looks really good and makes me hungry. I do have some rice in the fridge and some salsa and …

I would have like to just click your post and send it to them. Facebook is ancient technology now, and they don’t seem to grow with the times or learn very quickly.

Richard K Collins

James Hayes,
Happy Birthday. Please take better care of yourself so you can make it to 100 at least. The world needs more good people. They can be born, but it is the lifetime experiences that gives them quality and strength. So “keeping the good ones alive” is a good investment. I think you have a lot more you need to do, so take better care of yourself.

Richard K Collins

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