Comment on Collaboration for Global Problem Solving: The Case for Food

Too bad the person running the camera did not frame the slides so they could be read. You had some good things to say, but no links to resources, nor framework. Your EAT Foundation is not linked, nor the Atkinson Center. YouTube can be a place for discussion and collaboration, but it takes a bit of effort. Not just posting things with no thought for where the information and people fit into larger issues. I think that malnutrition impact on resistance to infectious and chronic diseases is worse than most people realize. But changing it needs a shared understanding of the whole and the values placed on each part. And auditable organizations and processes to see where money and resources are actually applied.

Richard K Collins

About: Richard K Collins

Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

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