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It’s so delicious that I cook it almost every day! incredible recipe # 10 at

The food is beautiful. Your methods and cooking show well. It is easy to see the care you put into making textures that fit the cooking, and probably taste good and are satisfying to eat.

But, you need context. Who is this prepared for? You say you make it almost every day, but the amounts suggest you are cooking for several people. So how many people and what ages? Do they like it? We can’t taste it over the Internet, but perhaps, by empathy, we can judge a little of how is received by watching people eat, and listening to their comments.

You are posting these videos for anyone on the Internet. Since you have nicely set up the captions (subtitles) so that auto-translate to any language is possible, almost every one of the 4.8 Billion people on the Internet might be able to make and try this.

Now some countries do not have these foods, or they are too expensive.

Perhaps, you can encourage people in as many different cities and countries to try this, and ask them to post people eating it, then post the links here in these comments.

You don’t say much about the quality and properties of the foods. Kg meat hides a universe of complex trade-offs and human values. Part of the fun of food, is even the simplest foods and purposes, can have many variations.

Think a bit. (For me a “bit” is usually several hours or days) about why you want to share these with others. From the colors and quality, I know you like the ingredients. And the cooked portions are satisfying to smell and see and hear. But did you learn this from your family? Where do you get the ingredients? If you get them from a store, and that store gets them from a farm(s), why do the farmers make this, and what do they think?

Maybe I have spent my life following processes and motivations. Why else would anyone spend almost 25 years looking at all aspects of human life, life and the universe – as it is reflected in things on the Internet.

I have to get going. I am trying to help someone who broke their neck, and I have seen all the technologies that can help. But it is scattered, and even I have trouble piecing all that together quickly enough to make a difference for someone completely paralysed. Now I am thinking how can he eat this kind of food? I worked on mapping nerves, blood vessels, lymph, muscles and fluids in the body last night. I think I will see what happens when someone who is paralysed eats solid food. It is healthy, and nutritious and tasty. But what would they need to be added so their body can do the things it was used to doing before. Spinal cord injury is just one reason for paralysis. There is stroke, nerve damage, crushing, sicknesses of various types. I was surprised that drugs are a common reason for paralysis. I have to look at that more closely.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Please think what YouTube might add so you could do more. For instance, they could recognize or you can tell their software that you want to share a recipe, and have them provide a tool with prices, amounts, times – all calculated for people with different servings and situations. They can link to people’s favorite stores. I have really really different interests. I would love to look at the size distribution and shapes of the potatoes and see how the starch content changes with heating. I am sure there is a 3D imaging method that can work in a kitchen for many purposes.  But that is me, and the Internet is not yet able to tailor every interaction between individuals and sites to maximize use, and minimize global lost human time.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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