Comment on Nature video seen by more than 14 Million viewers, but no follow up or community building

Have you ever seen an atom? at

Many people have viewed this video, but you are not keeping it up to date. It is 23 Oct 2021 and it shows 14,208,628 views. The video is 151 seconds. If everyone watched the whole thing, that is over 68 years of viewing. The value of human time on the Internet is roughly $15 an hour across all viewers, so that is 595,973 hours or $8.9 Million people have spent to look at and think about what you show. But for that large an audience and that much interest, you don’t think to keep them informed and current on new changes related to this specific group at UCLA, or this topic? Have you even curated and organized the 12,420 comments – and shared that back with your devoted viewers? This one video is a coherent community with specific interests, and ignores it completely.

It is not the specific numbers, it is asking the questions about global scale communities connected to tens of millions on the Internet, and no one following up. People and organizations dumping things on the Internet and leaving them there with no thought, no purpose, or care. When the opportunities are great, and groups seem to have no clue.

As I suspected, the link to the paper requires paying $8.99 for a copy. So sharing was not your purpose at all. Just more money. People buying things is tiny compared to the value of human time and connections for the species as a whole.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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