Comment on Small and Large Primes

All this wonderful insight and technique, and most is lost because he does not store anything in the computer in a form that can be readily verified and improved upon. Yes, you can use symbolic math tools, rather than chalk. Human memory has carried us so far, but more people will benefit from communicating in forms where the process steps run independent of a human. Guide it, create it, use it, find new applications and insights. But then let it be in a form that others can use the parts that work.

Highlight problem areas and good pathways. Leave it in good form, and future generations can pick it up as though no time had passed. With the proper tools, ALL the existing tools and results for primes can be gathered and checked. NOT by forcing a few humans to memorize things for years. But by putting the whole outside our human limitations. People build motors and machines, processes and procedures – so it can exist and run outside a human memory and lifetime and strength and ability.

Richard K Collins

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