An ideal accelerating field knows its materials and their properties down to femtoMeters and femtoSecond if need be

ElectoBoom: Making a Water Railgun at

1 cubic centimeter of water is 1 gram = 1E-3 Kg. Add 1 Watt Second = 1 Joule of energy. (1/2) * m * v^2 = Joules

Velocity_meterspersecond^2 = 2*Joules/Kilograms

Velocity_MetersPerSecond = sqrt(2*Joules/Kilograms)

sqrt(2*(1 Joule)/1E-3 kilogram) = sqrt(2000 Joules/kg) = 44.7213595 (m/s) = 100.0388320956 Miles per Hour

Note: that Google understands sqrt but not Sqrt. Also you can “search” for ( 44.7213595 (m/s) in miles per hour ) or ( sqrt(2000 Joules/kg)  Save your mathematical searches and use them again and again, or put them in spreadsheets and Javascript and share them. SI no longer means (Systeme Internationale) but (Standard Internet).

Start with basic physics, then use field gradients to “address” processes in the copper, aluminum, water, salt water. It is frequency and time dependent but not difficult. You can push, pull, turn, rotate with field – if you use several, not try to do it with one loop or one wire or one clumsy transformer. It takes many to solve real problems and those many ones have to commuication in common units, share algorithms, record carefully.

USE a computer to generate the wave form, use a DAC and amplifier to get the power, voltages and currents.

“current is just sloshing bulk electrons around” It will never be efficient. But arrange your electrons, ions and algorithms then program the computer to do it right and on time. If you need “water frequencies” look up its spectrum.

An ideal “field accelerator” that measures and does it exactly is cheaper that throwing spaghetti at the wall and making sparks but no real power over matter.

Software Defined Radios can create signals, and record them. So can microphone, accelerometers, amplifiers and ADCs and memory.

PLEASE get serious. It is NOT hard. Start with what you want to see happen, then keep going deeper and deeper, adding more and more precise and calibrated elements for parts of the complete model.

Filed as (an ideal accelerating field knows its materials and their properties down to femtoMeters and femtoSecond if need be)

When you get arrays of acceleration field generators, you can make them do Christmas shows moving LEDs and such. Or send the power to where it is needed, or use an array of power and acceleration field generator to eliminate Booster and just lift the StarShip to height and velocity, or beam its power. You do not spend billions of dollars without a plan, without calculations. Even a simple “levitate and move this around in a 3 meter circle 10 meters above the ground” takes planning and care and computers.

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