Broader view of nuclear energy applications by energy density

S3: The future of Nuclear = Small, Mobile, Microreactors, Radiant at

This reminds me of Elon Musk – low tech (graphite, heat, coolants, everyday materials) rather than fields and high energy density. At least the people are able to do those things now. Remote chemical processes can be economic with mostly heat, not electricity. Remote methane conversion, methane polymerization. Mars and Moon applications – lots. You might want to visit Hanford or have them give some collaborative seminars on “best recycling materials”. Graphite seems not high on the list of ‘low cost to recycle”. Glass has good strength, can be completely melted, good electrical conductivity. Even stainless steel. Get your entire life cycle involved now and work with the global community from now on. Give up some operating and design advantages for materials that will last or be easily re-used. In 1975 I saw the details of Fermi II and they got co-opted by plumbers and old line steam power groups. Fermi I is worth deep modelling and pay for good data, do not do it all from scratch.

You are making a big mistake, trying to have a few amateurs build prototypes. When you have not planned an entire industry out at least 50 years. Build your global research and engineering community first, including all your future customers and applications. Help them work as a single entity for sharing the whole – they do not want money, but freedom to use what is found. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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