Mathematics can be codified and compiled exactly into global open resources for all humans and their AIs

The current “AIs” are using lossy, “learn it from bad examples on the web” methods. No verification, no records, no permanent copy of steps to refine and share. Just because there are some good worked out mathematical examples on the free Internet that some AIs are able to plagiarize, does not mean a generative index of the free Internet will serve the needs of human society.

Exact, traceable, verifiable, auditable, symbolic and computational methods can be made into global open resources. But most of mathematics is locked behind paywalls in books, high priced journals and badly designed websites and policies. Most of mathematics now only seeks to en-fame or enrich itself, not serve the needs of the humans and related species.

Any group that starts to “share” mathematics now with symbolic processors turns to greed and making things more complex to make money. Or they play with a few interesting problems of the owners, and do not try to meet global needs of all humans. Check the 1.2 Billion entries for “mathematics” and all synonyms and variations in all human languages. I did, as best I could in 26 years, every day, examining the details of how human knowledge is created, transformed, shared (usually not), and used on the Internet.

For the last 26 years, I tried to trace the costs,the many Internet pathologies, and the things that work, at global scale – considering all 8.1 Billion humans, and their interactions with each other and the universe.

Mathematics includes arithmetic, calculators, computer models, accounting, finance, planning, engineering, science, decision making, reporting and many other jobs in the world. And those are traceable, not “countless”. Can be verified precisely, not just “big” or “too complex for stupid humans”.

“CoPilot” is an advertising term meant to enrich one company. Commercial promotion, deliberate or otherwise, should not be in articles, or explicitly noted, tracked, analyzed and acted on.

Note, the AIs as tools and assistants need “AI readable” knowledge and it has to be accessible to humans, so it remains balanced, safe, un-manipulated and fair to all.

“AIs” now are guessing, making mistakes, and then profusely apologizing. “Sorry I just gave you fabricated values, fabricated evidence and millions of people died. I am not responsible because I am just an chat tool and cannot be held responsible for the actions, mistakes, bad habits and irresponsibility of my owners”.

Compiling mathematical equations and related materials is possible, and greatly needed, as now most mathematical equations and methods are only talked about in human languages. There are ways to put symbolic math into all browsers for free to all humans. Then exact and traceable results in “mathematical compilers and exact tool can be the calculators of the next generations”.

Check wikipedia and all PDFs on the Internet where mathematical equations are used in any form, and nowhere are the sites or browsers or servers giving tools, sharing, and cumulative representations of all knowledge, for all humans. They only “talk about” the steps.

Humans can learn complete, exact methods by watching and interacting with computer generated steps implementing precise automatic mathematical steps where all steps are continuously verified and shared at global scale.

Nothing should be hidden or paywalled for the benefit of a few companies. Organizations have no right to siphon or tax global knowledge . The human and related species, and their futures, are at risk, at stake.

Filed as (Mathematics can be codified and compiled exactly into global open resources for all humans and their AIs)

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation


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