Global open digital twin models of all global and systemic issues, global opportunities

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If existing desalination plants were set up to extract salt from the brine to sell it, they would cause a free fall in global salt prices.
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The cost of a basic commodity goes lower. And reduced dependence on mined lithium. It would not happen overnight. You have to run the full model of all related industries, all countries, all economic sectors. That was already routine 40 years ago and now, with patience, better tools, a few people can do it. (And hundreds of millions can see and correct and comment). It is not a board game, but practical analysis of a global topic. When you say “free fall” you are bringing click bait for your benefit, not to evaluate something that might need clarification.

The needs of countries and people who would have water, when otherwise not. There are many millions of things to gather, verify, quantify, check, update and add to a global open digital twin of those interconnected things in the real world. It is NOT impossible now. The models cannot be hidden, the models cannot be gamed or corrupted or manipulated. The analysis can be tested and verified, audited and visualized. Real sectors can provide real data for an open marketplace where manipulations by a few are readily visible and traceable.
With a fair, global, open collaborative model of all global issues and possible solutions, and now with global distributed calculation and memory – a global system for the survival and benefit of humans and related species – can be possible. That more fair and open human species would be more acceptable to itself on entering galactic civilization some time in the future.
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