Stop teaching humans to be computers, Google is bloated now

Stop teaching humans to be computers – Ming, you teach moving tons of sand with tiny chopsticks, one grain at a time. The tools you recommend are grossly inefficient, forcing learners to memorize rules and words not related to biology. Please do not hurt millions who would be better to study biology, or a more integrated way to explore the Universe of all things. Try AI-assisted learning where the computer has access to all knowledge – where humans focus is on exploring real things, and all computers actively assist them.
Set aside old computer internals, simply observe and explore the real world. Teach the computers to learn. It might be time to re-examine your own motives and goals. You might well live many more decades. Maybe you should improve computers, so billions are not forced to memorize obsolete computer jargon. Let the computer learn unix and workflow languages, reshaped data, create visualizations – help humans to focus on real things. Your students are probably already doing that now. Just because you had to memorize computer stuff, does not mean next generations should have to keep doing that.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Amirhossein Ahrari @Enginn3r Google #EarthEngine Tutorial-39 Published: Download #Soil Characteristics Data for Projects
Replying to @Enginn3r

Google is extremely slow and inefficient now. No one is removing bloat in the code. It is not using knowledge of what humans need, to help build strong and productive human communities.

Richard K Collins

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