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At you have a few paper by H A Neidig.  His full name is Howard Anthony Neidig.  If you search for him you find he attended Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania and was an early advocate for the Chemical Bond Approach effort that seems to have been stimulated by John F Kennedy’s “moon speech” in 1962.

I know about him because of his student, associate, Hans Schneider who taught me chemistry using the Chemical Bond Approach at Eau Gallie High School in 1963/1964 school year.  If you remember your history, that November 1963 is when John Kennedy died.

The Science History Institute has a collection “Howard Anthony Neidig Chemical Bond Approach collection”  at and in more detail at*6zismo*_ga*MTM5NDQ1OTM4OS4xNzEzOTY4NTgw*_ga_8S7JS8XGK7*MTcxMzk5MTg4Ny42LjAuMTcxMzk5MTg4Ny4wLjAuMA.

Howard Anthony (Tony) Neidig was born in Lemoyne, PA on January 25, 1924. He attended Lebanon Valley College, where he later taught, and the University of Delaware, from which he received his Ph. D. He was active in the affairs of both the American Institute of Chemists [AIC] and the American Chemical Society, especially its Division of Chemical Education. He was the director of the laboratory program for the Chemical Bond Approach and received awards from both the Manufacturing Chemists’ Association and the American Chemical Society. Howard Anthony Neidig died on January 19, 2008.

This is a small collection of material relating to Chemical Bond Approach Program, an NSF-funded initiative to raise the level of high school chemistry curricula in the U.S. Photographs and slides have been removed and transferred to the CHF Image Archives.

In 1964 there was a change at NSF regarding CBA, it seems they shifted to giving more money to colleges and universities.  But it will require more study to see. “Chemical Bond Approach Project and Chemical Education Material Study. More than 250,000 students, from almost every State” at

I have not seen any Wiki on ResearchGate, and many of the authors are dying as they get older. If you do not have an archival policy, you ought to. There are many cross-cutting issues on ResearchGate, but no way for members to work together. You had “projects” but cancelled those.

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Hans Schneider was involved in the development of the laboratory program.  And that is what Howard Anthony Neidig was noted for.


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