File your ideas where they belong in the digital twin of the future. The Internet is a map of the past, present and future.

Internet Foundation Suggestion: File your future policy suggestions with emerging digital twins on the Internet. If you are working in vacuum processing and worried about pollution of the vacuum in new cities on the Moon or orbit, do NOT stuff your ideas in impossible-to-find folders and documents. Link them now directly to the emerging industries. #VacuumAsResource
Spend time today and find the future of your emerging industry parts of the Internet, then invest time and real effort to include them in your own plans. The whole human species is working in parallel on solar system colonization and millions of related global and heliospheric projects.
What is happening now makes Japan and Deming look like a piker. Software industries are the supply chains of the whole world. Work back from user communities with billions of users (human and AI) and make sure those supply chains and dependencies are solid, reliable, auditable, and they include all human users from day 1 or before. #GlobalSoftwareNetworks Do not let some thoughtless nameless coder in a hidden commercial firm or government agency determine the future of your industry, your life, your whole country.
Do not waste massive time by writing things vaguely “on the Internet” but try to find where they belong, and pay close attention to data hoarders, single points of failure, datasets and software that are intended purely to create Internet monopolies.
Keep perfect records, the newest discoveries are going to have many parallel, near simultaneous, event times. A clear and auditable record can save trillions in arguments.
“File your ideas where they belong in the digital twin of the future”. The Internet is a map of the past, present and future.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
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