SI units (Standard Internet) – Nickel Chromium wire, Gauges, Power, Heat, Kelvin

I bought 100 foot (30.48 Meters) of your 28 Gauge Nichrome 80 wire from Amazon and was looking for properties and specifications for a lab experiment.

6 ohms per foot at “room temperature” is 6*(1000/(12*25.4)) = 19.6850393701 Ohms/Meter. The class is always in SI units and always carry full precise to verify long chains of calculations without introducing errors. The measurements are always at least milliVolts, milliOhms, 0.1 Kelvin and often microVolts, microOhms, and milliKelvin.

Maybe someone can suggest background for them?

Question: What is the resistance as a function of temperature? Up to the burn out temperature? Very low temperatures?

Question: “What is annealing and how does that affect the resistance?”

Question: “Does running the wire at high temperature (how much time?) change its resistance permanently?

Question: “Does the resistance per meter vary along the length of the spool and by how much”?

I wrote 30 Gauge in a note I just sent for 100 foot NiChrome 80 wire. But it is 28 Gauge 100 foot.

I am going to check all the wire gauge sizes from Master Wire Supply. A good project for students to understand: “resistance”, “gauges”, “current”, “power”, “metric” and “Kelvin” units and calculations.

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