Dynamic Gravitational Fields, Plasmonic control systems

Dynamic Gravitational Fields, Plasmonic control systems

The method I proposed to move the StarShip using fields is efficient, because it scans and maps and models the vibrational, rotational, bending and translational motions of the rocket in 3D down to small voxels. Then it uses the chemical and structural model of the cells or voxels to estimate local effects. And it measures the whole continually – no surprises or mistakes.

If you have a large mass balanced on a stick. it does not take a lot of power to keep it balanced. It is only necessary to make fast, tiny, precise corrections. The gravitational field is NOT chaotic, most of its motions can be mapped and predicted far ahead. Essentially one can see the wind and plan for it. See the waves and currents and plan for it – surf not struggle. The acceleration and rotation can be monitored throughout the whole 3D structure at Gsps and Tsps (Giga and Tera Samples Per Second) – then predicted, so small corrections only needed.

You do not move mass, you structure the field and move the field which is nearly massless – then the mass just gets carried along. There is a lot of research now for “warp drive metrics”. They basically stopped saying “it is impossible”, rather “Let’s just use what we know and build it, and deal with issues as they come up. Work globally and see what is needed”.

I have been saying for some time that special relativity only appears to have a singularity at the speed of light. When one can measure and control the fields at nano and pico scale, then boundary layer control in real time is possible as well as plasmonic control at surfaces and interfaces and in 3D. If the surface keeps out the gravitational fluctuations, they do not get into the prepared mass that is going to be moved. That works for planes and flying cars with acoustics too, industrial processes, and fusion control systems.

It is a version of “null” methods. Local Temperature mapped precisely globally and in precisely known conditions, then only relative changes needed. Controlling temperatures and gradients to the pico second means no large uncontrolled forces. Everyone does not have to do everything, when the whole is carefully and continually mapped. It works because the intelligence can be made small and fast enough to work locally with global knowledge. Drone technology helped a lot, to put Amperes per second where they are needed.

Gravity at the surface of the earth has a spectrum that peaks in the UV, extreme ultraviolet, out past soft x-ray to “mass”, and down through visible light and infrared to “temperature”.   I go down to nanoHertz, but use smaller when needed.

Map and control those sources, and you can control gravity. It is just another electromagnetic field. Nothing special, just lots of invisible pieces, that when seen can be modeled and used. Just like induction at 60 Hz, now we can control 60 PetaHertz – or some time in the future. If you have a StarShip balanced on a pin, if the wind blows, you have to control for that much force, continuously. If you know which way the gravitational “wind” blows, you can use MegaWatts to keep something balanced now that, unmonitored, takes GigaWatts. Nothing wasted, nothing left invisible or hidden.

I learned that with the Famine Early Warning System – don’t let problems fester and become catastrophes. Firemen can prevent fires, not wait and have to put them out in a big rush. Every human and AI is part of the whole, not alone.

The resonance conditions for each voxel are simple and can be handled with equivalent models of capacitance, inductance, resistance, motion, velocity and acceleration. It takes petabytes of data and many processors but none of it is difficult in itself. Not only can the acceleration be handled with resonance (precision timing and direction), but all the internal strains and responses. Since the vehicle and structure are static, once built, it can be made of uniform materials and then 3D printed. So the response is continually updated in use — after extensive characterization and testing on the ground. I think I have told you before that it is possible to make superconducting materials from nano-materials, where the nano elements are made at different locations, then brought together and assembled. For humans, they have their own field generators to scan and compensate, and that only has to be modeled down to about the size of the water molecule, and with precise “bleaching” of the temperature, the internal energy stored can be lowered substantially. The mass response is not large, if all the unnecessary motions are brought to a standstill.

It is not the mass that is the problem, but it is only necessary to remove internal momentum. 8 Billion humans waste much of their time solving the same internal and relational problems. Solve them once and each person is comfortable and effective, the whole can move instantly.

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