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I have not had time to check all these papers by Samina Masood, but find them interesting enough to suggest others take a closer look. These are some of the right places and pathways to find the atto-scopic roots of real gravitational signal sources across all frequencies, wavelengths, and energy densities.
#NucleoSynthesis, #EquationOfState, #NeutronStars, #QuantumElectroDynamics, #ThermalBackground, #MagneticMoments, #RelativisticPlasma, #BetaDecayRates, #VacuumPolarization, #VacuumProperties, #ThermalCorrections, #ElectronMass, #GluonCondensation
I used a made-up term “atto-scopic”, like microscopic, but much smaller. But not down to Planck length. Because attoMeter and attoSecond processes are measurable and reproducible and accessible now. So not only can ideas about 1st and higher time derivatives of acceleration of masses, and conversions between mass and energy, be measured and tested – but many of these signals can be generated and detected with methods from existing groups. That is why I have been encouraging “gravitational engineering” thinking – where most anything is possible, at high information density, flow rates and higher time derivatives.
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