Crochet solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation for closed pathway models of many things.

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I am fairly certain that all particles are stable states where they are composed of closed paths. And that crochets can be made that give suitable representations of the solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger and telegraph equations and many other. So can you list and stably represent all crochets having the properties of the neutrino families? Of the excited internal flows of protons? Of the internal states and flows of black holes?
It is one type of “string”. It is one type of “vortex tube” or “flux tube” or “streamline”. It is an easy way to specify mean free path. It is an easy way to calculate stored kinetic energy, strain and stored momentum. Sheets work too. There are atmospheric rivers, which are not ideal closed crochets, but can be represented as a geometric distribution of threads and many closed crochets. It is only necessary to use threads that can be fused at their ends, or abutted and joined at nodes. Merry Chistmas!
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