“Smart 3D beams” is a generic way to control complex fluids, flows, reactions and distributions, and to move things as you like.

GiGadgets @gigadgets_ Huawei’s smart headlights are going way beyond our imagination.
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Projected patterns for 3D verification and mapping. Smart headlights for cars, planes, rockets, drones, ships. Structured 3D light projection is a flashlight and a sensor for testing what lies ahead. At higher power and intensity – bleaching or enhancing states; and ionizing regions to modify viscosity, absorption, vorticity. And tap fluctuations.

Doppler red is moving away (colder) and blue is approaching (hotter). Maxwell’s demon is practical now for energy harvesting, control of boundary conditions, for mapping and modifying plasmonic regions, for control of chemical reactions, ionization and fusion at all scales and power levels. I can finally explain to my chemistry teacher from 58 years ago why simple models will work – if you can measure, model and predict faster than the processes themselves. Doppler cooling and heating, out to ionization, down to elegant ‘gravity’.

“Smart 3D beams” is a generic way to control complex fluids, flows, reactions and distributions, and to move things as you like. Reduce drag on rockets and vehicles, smart boundary layers. Smart reactors for all chemical and petrochemical and fossil fuels. Smart rocket engines to make them absolutely quiet and efficient according to the real air, not some crude approximation. Smart jet engines using only active fields, no solids at all. Finally, hypersonics and global transport by sliding, not pushing.

Finally “Grok the fields” and “feel the force”, not “yet more approximations and guessing and brute force”. Finally, “no more belching inefficient rockets”. Finally integrating fluids, acoustics, electromagnetics and fine grained ‘gravity’ fields. 36 two GW projectors to replace SpaceX booster stage. Finally a compressible vacuum to break that stupid light barrier; it is just another fine grained complex fluid to model and use. Yes, Virginia, there are UFOs and they are ours.

It is a good time to be alive.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Best visualization for natural magnetic fields I have ever seen.

GE Aerospace @GE_Aerospace Congratulations to @LATAMAirlines
for equipping their new order of Boeing 787 Dreamliners with #GEnxPower. They’ll become the first airline in the region to have #GEnxEngines in their fleet. Learn more ➡ https://bit.ly/3Nxy84U

I wrote a long reply to a post about smart headlights and 3D fields you might find interesting. About using 3D fields for control of boundary layers and turbulent air. I hope you will start using smart fields for moving things, not solid engines. Merry Christmas!

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