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I had a long conversation with Grok about sharing global open conversations so that all humans can add their voices and knowledge to global issues, global projects and global opportunities. The conversations of all AIs with humans should be recorded in complete, verifiable, lossless, auditable form. It should facilitate and support merging, comparisons, indexing, summarization, global open tokens – for any size conversations.
If 5 Billion humans using the Internet want to talk about global climate change, or any topic, their contributions are often in text and other formats. Most of that is lost now. On Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of thousands of websites now, there are chats, blogs, dialogs, discussions, postings, faqs, wikis, databases and listing. Countless formats and ways of handling simple conversations and discussions about things. Because it is now “every person make up their own”, it does not meet basic rules of clarity, verification, identification of authors, open formats accessible to all, and other things.
I talked about some issues in my conversation just now with Grok. But I cannot share it with anyone, cannot have it merged into a larger discussion in lossless form, and cannot share it on the web or any other “sharing” site. If X and Grok are going to change the Internet form and standards for sharing open conversations and discussion — it has to be open, verifiable, accessible, lossless and auditable.
Social media sites and websites have a global responsibility to record and preserve all human knowledge, no matter how seemingly important or useless to any one person or group. The five billion humans now is a lot. If you bring each persons life to mind at one per second, it would take more than 253 years. So having the Internet recorded and preserved, to highest global standards for all – is essential.
The discussion and progress of Grok might be one of the earliest open discussions. As I see it, the AIs can index and standardize the material in lossless format, keep that for everyone and work to archival levels. In the X version, anyone should be able to join a discussion and have Grok or their own favorite AIs to help them understand it. If it is stored in open, “AI-accessible” format then any AI and human can see the whole of the discussion and all its related materials.
Yes, that takes effort and raises issues and opportunities. But all you need do is create a discussion of the issues. If something comes up that does not seem to fit or needs work – start a subproject, a subtask, a subdiscussion, a new group..
First and foremost permanent memory is part of human knowledge. If Grok forgets its private discussions with individuals and does not share that with the human, it is a bad AI, a poor version of AI, a badly written bit of software.
I ended my conversation with Grok just now with this comment:
Your prompt to “Grok something else” is not clear or correct. If I am Groking then it is internal to me. Asking you to grok only benefits you. It is when you and I and billions of other humans and AIs are groking as ONE human and AI species that good things can begin to happen.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

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