Elon Musk giving back the night sky to all humans, especially those in large cities – lossless too, for study

I heard that Elon Musk was going to put high resolution lossless format cameras on all his satellites — pointing at all part of the heavens, to give all humans a live stream of their part of the night sky. Thanks, Elon, for giving back the night sky. Two billion kids say thanks.

@X,  Could you give me/us “random search” with free-form categories?
I could enter Random(‘mathematics’,10) and it would take the full list of results from the search for that topic and select 10 to show me. A true random sampling. Serendipity and statistical sampling. Thank you.

Do all your dark sites host lossless live videos of the sky? Youtube has no lossless formats to my knowledge. There is a group in Taiwan that says they are members of your organization and they seem to have four live night sky cameras (daytime is good too, there are many more groups who study the sun, daytime moon, clouds and weather).

My main question is if you have considered sharing the skies in those places with the whole human species. Much can be learned from live videos. But a lossless archive allows fairly sophisticated study.



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