Does an electron generate a clockwise magnetic field as it moves forward?

MH Tutorial: Biot Savart Law in 3D Animation. Oersted Experiment. Class 12. NEET, JEE MAIN. at

Is the electron right handed (clockwise) and the positron left handed (counter clockwise) as it advances? When an electron advances, it creates a clockwise magnetic field? A proton advances and creates a counterclockwise magnetic field? Electrons come from the negative terminal of a battery. You need to keep the source of the direct current in view (a battery?), because on the Internet there is confusion on the sign of the current.

CHECK ME. I am tired and do not want to go look again to see if there a few million more people with right handed electrons, or left handed electrons. Just get it right, get it simple and put all the rules where there is no ambiguity on the sign of the moving charges. Thanks.

You have TOO many things flashing, too many colors, too many styles and shades. Keep it simple. I think you got it backwards. If we extend our right hand with our thumb pointing in the direction of the electron’s velocity, and our fingers curled in the direction of the vector to the measurement point (right), then our palm will be pointing in the direction of the magnetic field (down). I think you are following electrons. Give the sign of the charge (add little ++ or — charges) so you are clear. I hate spending several minutes just to be reminded of the directions. There are 5 billion people using the internet and 39,000 viewed your video so far. That is close to 5000 hours you used up. On the internet that is worth at least $75,000. You have global financial impact when you are ambiguous and not precise. Value time for your viewers and try not to make mistakes. You are NOT alone talking to an empty room. There might well be a million viewers, now or in the future.

I filed this under “Does the negative electron generate a clockwise magnetic field as it moves forward?”

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