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Neil Turok, Great summary, but it needs to be a model that people can work with, not just look at. Looking at your summary at 17:00 makes me wonder if we could just move “gravity” onto a collective effect of forces and right handed neutrino. It can be stable. And where it is not, that can account for other things. I really think you are not far wrong that neutrinos are part of dark matter, except you are too reliant on high energy physics experiments and not looking enough at low energy large scale processes in the real world.

The first direct measurement of the gravitational potential was Mossbauer and it linked high energy physics to gravitational effects. All accelerators can be used as gravitational detectors, and if they are not, then they are excluding gravitational effects by design and methods. Throwing out gravity as “those low energy things that are not important”.

The distribution and gradients of permanent particles is OK, but most of your “gaussian” is from the assumptions in the detector designs, where they strip out all the low energy data and everything “not Gaussian”. That is where gravity goes. The gradient of a scalar field can be a force, but it depends on the velocity of the particles and the path properties in real measurement. No Reynolds, no coupling. You are right about hydrodynamics. You might want to look at that paper by Prigogine and Kondepudi about gravity. Dilip insists that chirality is one of the most important aspects of reality. But you can ask him. Look closely at your diagram and see what would happen if you put gravity over the Higgs, let it be an emergent collective phenomena, not yet another particle. Then everyone should be working with the gravitational potential, and fund more people doing desktop and nano detectors in large N arrays. The “radio” astronomers need to get down to nanoHertz, get solar system scale arrays, make combined electromagnetic and gravitational correlators, and put 100 times more effort into sharing and collaboration globally. This business of “standard model” has many aspects of “cover our ass” and “it has to be right so we can keep doing what we have been doing” and “if they really knew what we were doing, we would all be out of a job”.

Any accelerator can be used as a gravitational detector, except the hubris pushes to energies where any small effects are swamped by a few people wanting “big only”. Many millions of sensitive desktop detectors working in global collaboration on many small things, is better than one LHC hogging all the meat and killing the young. Blowing bubbles in the physical vacuum was fun, but there are lots of real problems that are being ignored. A lot more effort should be put into global open collaborative worksites where all the stellar, galaxy, planet, and lightning models are shared completely, the data and tools and visualizations – in forms that 8 billion humans can use, not just a few ten thousand insiders in self-fulfilling groups.

I had to take a few liberties in writing this. Grand unification is NOT owned by LHC. It is global collaboration that matters. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Computing Finance Governance Other (STEMCFGO) serving the human species, not them getting bigger and more controlled by a few. If people would actually look at what they put on the Internet, they would see there a lot more going on than a few millions writing on paper (paprus technology). It takes decades to do things because most of STEMC is still paper and human memory, rather than global open to all in immediately usable form. My favorite is “When they make the standard models open, LHC will become a museum to how not to serve the needs of the human species”.

At 22:20 you are wrong. dominated by radiation only means the stress tensor has a small trace, not zero. It takes sensitive measurements of neutrinos and broadband gravitational and electromagnetic effects over many years with time of flight correlation imaging to separate “gravitational” from “electromagnetic” and “neutrino”. ALL the “radio” arrays need to get down to nanoHertz. All the accelerators as detectors need to get down to nanoElectronVolts. Your standard model is too heavily relying on big bang, big LHC and big LIGO. It ignores gravity, which is small and everywhere and more sensitive than bang bang.

Don’t say “space time” say “gravitational potential” and “physical vacuum” or “neutrino concentration” or “neutrino energy density”. The Internet is filled with fads and shallow science much because old schools are not paying attention to what is happening with 8 billion humans moving into heliospheric exploration and colonization. Singularities with real measurements are never mathematical singularities, just small or high gradients. Pay a lot more attention to magnetic gradients and energy density gradients.

The mass of a particle diffusing at the speed of light, in equilibrium with the radiation field at the surface of the earth is about 0.025 electron volts, or roughly (1/7Million)th the mass of the electron. It makes a nice fine grained picture “smaller than electrons” and fits neatly with models of electric and magnetic fields at below electron scale. Some (all?) of the neutrino detectors should also be able to track the gravitational potential and its gradients.

Don’t say “waves and particles” say “fluctuations and permanent features”.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

At 50:00 I am really happy to be reminded about Bryce and Madame Dewitt. In 1972-75 I was stuck by their work. I had forgotten it was about vacuum and gravitational energy density. Prigogine and UT Austin fusion. When I got to UMD College Park, it was Misner Thorne and Wheeler, Joe Weber and Robert Forward. I was too young to know how they all knew each other, I read everything that everyone wrote. When you are doing things, it is not always clear where all the pieces come from. You just have a good feeling when you work on certain things. You really did throw in everything and the kitchen sink. But words on paper are not usable models. Words have to be filtered through human brains and memories and hands. But real models stand independent and testable, just as reality and measurements. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

An actual bang at a particular location, at a particular time, in an existing large universe. The tilt, the expansion, the turbulence, the echoes and resonances. The many swirls and rotations. Gravity is almost perfectly Newtonian in many cases.  Certainly for earth and the solar system gravitational imaging arrays to look inside the sun, moon and earth. And to map inside central regions. And, just after and before the bang. Quark gluon condensation, not only CPT. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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