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Baron Martin Rees,  If the “big bang” was an explosion from some tiny region expanding into a much larger region, then it can be common on a scale many times larger. But not just 100. I agree that always bothered me “How could the homogeneity exist if there were not much larger regions to constrain it? You are confusing toy models from human minds that run off of a few dozen or a few hundred million dozen parameters – with the real things where a cup of water contains many Avogadro’s number of molecules and with patience and better tools, we could look much deeper. My Universe (capitalized) has always been trillions of light years or larger. I never put arbitrary human limits on it, because there is no need for limits, when the real thing is infinitely complex from human abilities.

From your big bang brainstorming diagram, it could just as well describe an ordinary” quark gluon nova, where we just happen to live inside the expansion region. AND there was lots of recycled older stuff, including big chunks and collections of black hole density materials. Remember that “black” only applies to light of certain frequencies, and does not apply to gravity or electromagnetism where the wavelengths are larger then the region. The variations in the FFT of the black hole regions reveal their interiors. And the interiors of central regions are seldom singularities, rather often unconsolidated individual object in fairly simple orbits. The “big bang region” does seem to be black, but the mechanics and history are wrong. If it is just a local nova of greater power and higher density phase transition. It it no different then electron or neutron, just using gluons. When gluons condense under pressure, they form solid lattices and give off energy. That energy comes from somewhere, from trillions of years of accumulation.

I like your “gravity” “density contrast”. That is beautiful and concise. But you left off what stars do, and spend much of their existence doing,  expanding photons, neutrinos, electrons, plasma, matter and sometimes huge molecular clouds worth of dispersed materials. A much more dynamic universe born of flows, turbulence, rotational and vibrational energies, not just sedate gradual spherically symmetric condensation is more likely. In fact, simple geometric shapes, except for stars and planets — after billions of years of more turbulent times – are more common. Watch videos of the sun for a few years. Watch videos of the earth for a few decades. The surfaces of both are filled with lightning, storms, turbulence and varied reflections and emissions. Did you know that the maximum energy density of events on earth and the sun is bounded fairly precisely by their local gravitational energy density? That gives a good reason for why the earth’s lightning can come to particle-antiparticle pair energy densities, and the sun have such powerful magnetic re-connections.

I cannot tell what this “Quantum Gravity Society” is doing. Years ago I registered GravityResearchFoundation and put them online. Eventually I got them to take it over. But they never followed my advice to share all of “gravity” with the whole human species on the Internet (about 5 billion of the 8 billion humans have some access to the Internet). GravityNotes only has my notes on gravitational early warning for earthquakes. 23 Jul 2023 is the 25th Anniversary of the Internet Foundation. It took me 6 months to see what people were doing on the Internet, and 20 years to see why they never finish a single thing. Hundreds of thousands of global scale crosscutting interest groups. All made of people who study the same thing, but never truly share in forms that can actually combine at global scale. I think about 20,000 college and universities. All doing their own thing, for their own local benefits, and never truly sharing tools, raw data, methods, algorithms, visualizations – except as “eye candy”.

“Here you can look at it, but don’t look too close.” Never actually helping groups of 10,000 or 10 million or 100 Million work on things together — all with equal access and all in a form where it can be used, not just talked about, not just “We have it, we are smarter than you, tough luck”. I am not being casual. These are the things that make delays of decades or centuries for the accumulation, mergers and clarification of topics with many pieces. But I found that “many pieces” is NOT complexity, it just means a few simple rules and policies and methods have to be consistently applied to obtain completion.

Oh.  Take that “grand unification” tail off.  It does not belong there. Grand unification means “all human knowledge”, not some tiny tiny portion from a few people chatting and sharing visions.

If Quantum Gravity Society wants to grow, then add $Thanks, and links and resources on YouTube. And, consistently monitor and manage the Internet footprints of all your members. (“quantum” “gravity” OR “gravitational”) has 30.7 Million entry points today. If you are serious about “gravity” then those are the people most likely to be interested or actually working. But there are thousands of languages and ways to say “gravity”. or “acceleration fields” or “potentials”

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