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The customers you decided to work with are not the kind who will build collaborations, where they want your team to be visible and successful.  You mentioned “opportunity” for India. but that depends most of goals and consistency.  If you are just one of millions of companies “We can do anything, we do web and computers”, not going to happen.

The fastest growing segment is nonprofits and “globals”, not com and not gov.  And if you do not have clear goals and mission, you won’t stand out from the crowd.  It is not even a crowd, it is a pile.

I took over TheInternetFoundation domain from Network Solutions in July 1998.  That is 25 years ago, next month.  When I was planning to study the Internet the rest of my life, I registered the domain name. Usually it gets processed, you build the site.  But I got an email to call a senior VP at Network Solutions, then the only domain name registrar.  He asked me what I was planning, then he told me this story.  He said that Al Gore had diverted the money from the $15 annual domain name fee then in place that was supposed to go to the Internet Foundation.  He wanted to use the money to put internet into American cities. That diversion was illegal and, rather than put things back the way they were supposed to be, they canceled the plans for a global open Internet Foundation and stopped charging that extra fee.  I think we are about about 400 million domains a year now and that would be $6 Billion a year for the Foundation.

He asked me why I would tackle something that was supposed to have billions of dollars in annual funding, alone.  I said, “Better one person, than none at all”.  I work every day, and usually 120 hours a week. So I managed to squeeze in about 75 work year equivalents into the last 25.  The Internet I think of as “all human knowledge” for “all humans”.  I concentrated mostly on global and systemic issues, “climate change”, “poverty”, “education”, “medical care for all”.  I consider the UN goals as poorly written and not really able to get to the core of global needs.  In recent years I added “atomic fuels”, “solar system colonization”, “gravitational engineering”.  (I studied dynamic gravitational fields)  In all, I investigated about 18,000 global topics and their groups.

You can get a sense of that, if you find any topic that has millions of results on Google.  I was just checking on magnetic field methods where they will be reaching 20 to 200 Tesla. And suggested a new way to make nanomagnetic arrays that can be used for plasmonic control.  Each topic is a complete market, technology, business, financial, social analysis of the whole topic in every country,  Independent of country or group.

So when you want your “opportunities” handed to you, letting other people decide your fate and direction, I have little sympathy.  The well educated people in India are highly motivated and smart. But they have not learned patience, planning, vision and caring.  If you do not care about anything and only want “a job” or “money”, you will get through your life one way or another. But if you truly care about all people, you will see the heart of each company and group and be able to see the heart of the people and groups they want to work with.  Then it is easy.  You just do the best you can and God or fate or nature takes care of the rest.

I have been proposing to rewrite the entire Internet so that it has a new language for representing all human knowledge.  Since I expect (or will try to help) the true human capable AIs to emerge, that codification will benefit them too. The tokens now for the LLMs are arbitrary.  The tokens for the Internet will be verified by billions of users, and continually improved.  Not 400 Million separate domains and billions of uncoordinated efforts, but one comprehensive framework.  Not rigid, but infinitely flexible, open, auditable, verifiable, accessible to all.  The obsolete “education by memorization” simply will not work any more. Because the AIs will have better memory and they can work much faster.  People can “hire” a million AIs because they are cheaper, work 24/7, and are way less difficult to manage than humans who constantly forget.  But right now the GPT AIs make life threatening mistakes, cannot trace their logic, and are not to be trusted.

There are just over 8 Billion humans, and all of them can have access to all knowledge. They are cheap, but poorly trained. The worst habits are “giving up too easily”, “endlessly making mistakes and apologizing, rather than looking for continuous improvement”.  India could create a $500 Trillion helliospheric industry.  Every trillion dollars worth of stuff and people you throw into space creates that much wealth on Earth.  Investing in the Earth could be improved 200 fold, but investing in “solar system exploration and colonization” 10000 fold.

I am many decades ahead of you. I can only suggest you try to pick something that you feel is very important, then lay out a plan to work on it for the rest of your life.  Building companies and groups is something that many people can do.  Building a $10 billion company is routine these days.  Lots of people do it, then they wonder what to do next.

If you invest your life in helping India to know itself, all life, the world and the true Universe (much larger than the “big bang”) — that is a life with dignity and purpose.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation


Richard K Collins

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