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Your selection of articles for “manufacturing tolerances” is not representative of the topic which has broadened and deepened since that term was created. All your pages suffer from that. My suggestion is that you survey (random samples) the whole of each topic on the Internet, in addition to indexing and processing your “own” content. There is not room here to give you specifics. You might also be more courteous and treat feedback not anonymously. I like Science Direct more and more. It is a good complement to sites like Wikipedia and similar ones. I try to track all of them as a whole. But your corporate goals and objectives, and more importantly the community of people using (or could use) ScienceDirect, could be much more clearly specific open and supportive. Again, I cannot squeeze much useful feedback into this little box.

A “word to the wise” hardly works any more, when sites don’t know who they are talking to, and make no effort to find out. That, particularly, goes for all the people coming to ScienceDirect. It comes off cold and mechanical, at the worst irrelevant. At best only a partial view, with no methods or tools or community to go deeper.

Richard K Collins

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