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Without making a big deal out of it, changing gravitational potential and velocity both change the rate of clocks. This includes differences in clock rates at the same location, but varying in time, because of the changing gravitational potential due to the sun, moon, atmosphere and things near the clocks. And differences in rates of clocks at different locations.

This is ROUTINE stuff. You have to correct for these if you work with satellites, GPS, radio astronomy, gravitational fields, and many many precise experiments now. To some degree, every experiment that says “quantum” or “nano” or “pico” now – that does not at least check for local changes in gravitational potential and gravitational acceleration – will be getting biased results. And, if you see a new experiment that is in that range, it might well be a new class of gravitational detector. I collect such things, and have for many years.

The section in this Wikipedia article is currently correct (13 May 2022) at

But, be careful. You can go to Wikipedia articles one day and things will be right. Then a week or a month or a year later, it will not look anything like what you saw before, and often completely wrong. There is no real check on Wikipedia. And there is no real way to mark the things that are right and keep them. Anyone who wants to change something just goes in and does it. And, unless someone takes a LOT of effort, most errors go unnoticed and unverified. All it takes is a small change in units or equation. It used to be NASA had good resources and shared them. That is gone too, for the most part.

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